Empty heart

Hello. This isn’t an easy day for me today. On this day when I was only 4 years old my parents lost my 18 month old sister through the neglectful actions of a doctor who got away with what he did. I offciurse don’t remember my sister. I only vaguely remember certain things. She was a beautiful little girl I wish I had grown up with her. To this day my dad beats himself up for being at work when it happened and he has an empty heart where he feels that without my sister in his life there’s nothing to fill that emptiness. I know how it feels to have an empty heart after losing my mum. Today I have to hold my dad up help him to stay strong he needs me even though I don’t feel particularly strong myself I know I can’t imagine what my dad must be going through


Sending gentle thoughts to you and your dad today, @Steven :blue_heart: