Empty Heart

I lost my son Feb 2022. He was feeling unwell and called himself an ambulance. They sent him to A&E as precaution. I was unwell and on oxygen at time so could not go with him. He suffered cardiac arrest in A& E. Police called and took me to hospital. He was in ICU with no brain functions. 4 days later they performed the legal tests to determine if he would recover. They turned off his life support at 16:30 and i felt his last heartbeat at 16:45. He had become my rock after i lost my wife to cancer in 2020. I am on my own now with health issues and still feel empty.
I manage to work which keeps my mental health from deteriorating.


So very sorry for your loss Steadyeddie I too lost my son.Our only child in March 2022.Like your son mine was also my rock when his dad died as obviously he was grieving too.The pain of losing him is pretty unbearable and as you say that feeling of constant emptyiness but what can we do but carry on and get through each day as best we can.My thoughts and hugs to you Marg 1


My god, how do any of us get through this? My beautiful only child Harry left me Aug 2022. I am struggling to find a reason to stay here without him. Sorry so many of us are suffering this way xx

Hi CM001 I really cant say how we get through this but we do.I sometimes think if I dont wake up I will be with my beautiful boy and my hubby.But then sometimes I think they wouldnt want me to think about joining them until my life ran its course.Our emotìons are all over the place all of the time but we still get up each day and carry on.Its so very very hard .My love to you from one parent to another who TOTALLY understands what you are going through xxx

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I lost my wife in 2020 after she fought Cancer for 6 years. Kevin was my whole focus.

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Thank you so much for your message. I know you understand, i really wish we didnt understand. Its horrible we both know exactly what we are both going through. Love to you too. I so wish things were different for us both xxx

Harry was my only child, my focus my world. He lived with me too. Thank you for your message xx