End of Life

My husband passed away 9th June 2023 he was diagnosed June 2022, although we knew what the outcome would be, it didnt make it any easier, the hardest thing for me and still is, the end of life was nothing like we were told, it was awful, all these drugs they said were in place, and he would be peaceful , couldnt be any further from the truth, the hospital was far from caring, he wasnt even in a side ward, we had no privacy, there was a prisoner and two prison officers there permanently , and when finally they transfered him to the hospice, he passed away within half an hour, i am still struggling with all this, i thought hospital would be better then a nursing home, well how wrong can you be


Omg that so horrible sorry it was like that . My husband died in a hospice in November it’s what he planned . He had cancer for 12 years . He was in hospital but discharged himself he wanted to come home two days later he was taken into the hospice . The hospice told me if he hadn’t did charged himself he would have been harder because he was in a place of care . I’m still angry he discharged himself but I see why . The hospital was horrible and there was no care .
I hope you finally find some peace

I nursed my partner through her illness and end of life at home and it is most horrific and brutal experience imaginable

I think the transparency of the brutality of it is lacking from palliative doctors and nurses by design, to avoid people taking matters into their hands

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