Still grieving over my best friend but I’m trying to keep myself active and buzy. Meditation, nature and affirmations plus fitness.
I have recently tried tree hugging, away from the crowds and give emotional energy to the trees, its an amazing feeling and energizing, it’s a beautiful way that helps.
Time will heal but memories never die, I’m still crying alot but I’m trying…


Whatever gets you through it.

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Hi, yes getting outside and doing excise are great any time but for emotional problems they help you get through. I have trees, I don’t hug them but I do take to them, it’s just not possible to hug them. In these strange times it’s the only hug we get so yes, why not. Don’t worry about crying, they do say it’s good for us and we all do it but not sure if it helps, it drains me. Keep safe. xx

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It’s a personal choice, I can’t make people understand, but believe me when you are desperately unhappy or sad you’ll do anything. There’s worse to do or take, nature is soothing to me so I’m sticking with it, friends have been perminant let downs in my life and hurt me more than most.
Do what makes you happy also
Stay safe x

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hah I stroke trees when no one is looking and ask them to help me. It’s weirder what i do probably I know but your posts made me feel a bit better about it thanks!!

I hope you’re doing ok today. Which trees draw you in for a hugging?
I like oaks beeches and birches. Today I had a go on a Chinese maple that had bark like peeling copper, it was lovely.

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