Enforced loneliness

I was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive cancer in 2019, at that point, my mum, then in her 70’s moved in to care for me - she never went home. I lived alone, she lived alone, we were close anyway & it worked, she was the centre of my universe and I think she would have said the same. Since losing her, in the most horrible and unexpected way, last year, I am crippled by loneliness, I just cannot ‘do’ life. My brothers are beyond hopeless, my friends have their own lives, and when I do receive invites or people offer visits, I decline, I just want my mum.

I am sleepwalking through life, I work from home & in my grief & desperation to leave the house I lost mum in, bought a house in a fairly rural location that has isolated me further. I have just spent another weekend not interacting with a single human being, I shower, change my pyjamas, I lie in bed, I watch banal tv, I eat toast.

I just do not know what to do.


Hi @Daisy57

I’m sorry for the loss of your mum :heart:

Grief is an awful time in our life. You need to try and motivate yourself as hard as it may be to get yourself out little by little. You will learn to live with your grief but shutting yourself away will not help. Next time someone invites you out please go, even if you don’t want to or need to leave early. Try get out for walks or a coffee. By pushing through you will learn the skills to cope better. You are still here and have a life to live. Your mum wouldn’t want to see you so miserable. Maybe think of brevemment counselling. Have you friends or family to support you?

Keep reaching out on here people are kind and will support you xx

Hi Daisy57
So sorry to hear that you are struggling so much, its horrible. I have a husband a children around me but i still feel alone. I think its easy at times to shut people out and go in to ourselves. Like the reply previously states your mum wouldnt have wanted you to be lonely and isolating yourself, and i know my mum wouldnt want me to either. Maybe that could be a starting point to push you into action, just babysteps initially? Here if you want to chat