Eptopic pregnancy

I lost a baby back in 2018 I was in an abustive relationship and I lost my baby to a silent miscarriage at 12 weeks, after that I left my ex and in 2019 I met my current partner from about 6+ months we were actively trying for a baby but absolutely nothing happened I got checked out and got told everything was ok with me so I just stopped thinking about it as much, I then fell pregnant in October 2022 I was so happy obviously had a little anxiety with the complications in my past! on the 3rd of December I had a little blood when I wiped then saw nothing else but it just didn’t feel right so I requested an emergency scan they told me they think I’m just not as far along as I thought I was what was weird I had blood tests ect over the next few days then had another scan they then confirmed it was in fact an eptopic pregnancy I was having, they then went on to say I had to stay in the hospital and this had to be treated as an emergency then went on to keep me 3 days before they even did the opporation the night before the op I had excruciating pain and pressure all down there and I told them I think my tube was rupturing for them to tell me I think your ok because your blood pressure hasn’t gone up (even though it was really high all day) I then blead a lot! They did the opporation the next morning when I come out he told me the op took longer as I had internal bleeding in my stomach, then told me that I will more than likely have to have ivf if I want kids in the future nothing else was said and they let me go home the next day with a letter of a diagnosis called chronic pid which I new nothing about never heard of it and had no information of it ( of course I’ve done my research and discovered it’s from my ex cheating on me and I had been given and sti which I got rid of in 2018 but had it a little longer than I orgiaionally thought because course I’d your in a relationship you don’t think of those things, I’m really struggling mentally I have flash backs and nightmares I can’t leave my house and don’t want to be around my partner having kids is alls I’ve ever wanted especially at the point in my life I’m at, I want to let my body settle but even thinking onto in a years time that it might never happen breaks my heart I am so scared incase it happened again because my changes are really high with the scarred tissue blocking the remaining felopian tube I’ve probably missed alot out I just feel very alone my partner works 7 days weekly it’s lonely and I just want someone who understands me

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Hello, I feel so sorry for you and everything you have gone through. It’s hard when life is this cruel to someone. I have looked to see if there’s a better community site but unfortunately I haven’t found one but feel there must be and it may help you just having a look. It’s nice when you can talk and read about others having some or all the same problems. Look after yourself and take care. S xx

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I find it defiantly helps when I see that other people are going threw simalar things even when they’re greifing over something completely different, it makes me feel not alone and makes me feel like I’m not going crazy thankyou for interacting with my post it means a lot for people to help with a message especially when it’s people that don’t know me it shows how good the world can be xxxx

Hi @AmyK9999,

Thank you so much for bravely starting this thread and for sharing some of your story - I am so very sorry to read what you have been through. As promised, I wanted to share the below links with you as you deserve to find the right care and support - these organisations are there to help people who have experienced what you have:

Child Bereavement UK and The Compassionate Friends both support families who have lost a child.

Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) provides bereavement support services both nationally through its Freephone helpline, mobile app, online community and resources, and locally through a UK-wide network of around 100 regional support groups.

You have been through such a lot, @AmyK9999 but please know you do not need to struggle alone.

Take care,

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