Errors in Post Mortem Report

My wife died 10 weeks and 6 days ago.

A post mortem was carried out within a week, and a provisional certificate was issued as the Coroner required further information which needed histological examination of samples.
I received a .pdf copy of the final report yesterday, and I have made an appointment to see our GP next week with the intention of asking him to interpret the medical terminology.

I was surprised and distressed to see that some biometric data was wildly inaccurate: specifically height and weight measurements. Height was overstated by 100 cm (4 inches). Eileen was about 156 cm and the report stated 166 cm.
This error was thrown into the shade, though, by a reported weight of 90 kg !
The two figures had then been used to produce a Body Mass Index reading of 33kg/m2 which is extremely obese.
Eileen was in fact a petite lady, and in fact she had been told recently that she was underweight. I’d estimate her weight as being ca. 50kg.
A simple glance at her would show how ridiculous it is to suggest that she was obese !
I really find it unsettling that such errors could be made, and it wrecks my confidence in the accuracy of the rest of the report, and disturbs what peace of mind I may have had.
Oh, apologies offered, excuses made, all that sort of thing, as you might expect. I’m a forgiving type of person normally, but this sort of laxity shows unfeeling disrespect.

I think that’s all very worrying Edwin. Can you even be sure that the report relates to your wife? One would expect accuracy and professionalism from the coroner’s office and such an important document too. How upsetting for you. X