Esther Rantzen program

Thursday 18th Feb at 10pm on channel 5 Esther Rantzen is doing a program ’ living with grief’ it explores the experience of bereavement and how we deal with loss. Be worth a watch for us all I would think.


:rofl::rofl: very true

Thank, I’ll put it to record, or I’ll probably forget,!!

Thank you for this.

Me too, just marked it for record now.

this is worth me having another go at the Dutch satellite dish box to see if i can work out how to record again, thanks for letting us know

The program was good to watch touching on so much - moi crying throughout as realising I am avoiding and still stuck However, it didn’t reflect when a person, like me for the over 2 years, is grieving completely without a family/friends. Feels like people who are single without friends or nearby family are forgotten. Indirectly the program made me feel forgotten and not free to talk with anyone about my mum. My estranged father died a month before my own mum but took many months to find this out so not grieved for this alongside being childless not by choice (disenfranchised grief not acknowledged) and other losses so many layers. Think we need more programmes that get us talking about grief.

You are correct, we do more programs and articles to get people talking not only about grieving but about death. I also agree regarding be on ones own, there are so many people living by themselves without other family members near that they can discuss worries and fears. Look after each other.

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It is odd is not that those on our own are essentially left to it. What to do about it is my question to all. I hope in our life time that death can be talked about a little better than previously.

I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime, Ewokeb420, I am 81 years old, disabled and housebound, my family live away, I haven’t seen them for months because of this wretched pandemic. It is not as if they can pop in and see me, I am lucky that I have a wonderful carer who comes every morning, I have a lot of friends who keep in touch, so all in all, I am one of the lucky ones. :grinning:

I meant to say that I found the programme very interesting but it did not go deep enough in my opinion.

Take care my friends and stay safe.

MaryL. x

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Hello MaryL, it’s so nice to see your posts and I didn’t know your age or your circumstances, I take my hat of to you. I am a little younger but my family are living abroad, I could sell up and go live near them but no, that’s not for me. Keep posting and keep smiling. S xx

Thank you, Susie 123

I have my dog for company, she has got me through the worst time in my life, my children who are in their 50’s keep in regular touch. I have had phone calls from both of them today. When my husband died my daughter begged me to go to live near them, but it would be leaving him behind. Mary x x

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