Eternally (Poem)

I think about you all the time and see your face so clear
It’s as if no time has passed since you were standing here.

Your laughter echoes in my mind, your smile still lights my way
I feel you watching over me each night and every day.

Still I miss the talks we had, though I still talk to you
I wish I could hear your voice and hug you closely too.

The years we spent together were so precious and too few
My heart now aches with longing for more time to spend with you.

One day I’ll get to hold you close as we join hands above
We’ll walk together in the light of Heaven’s perfect love.

So while you wait in Heaven and you’re watching over me
Know you live within my heart and will eternally.


Lovely, so poignant. Take care of yourself - please give yourself a hug from me.

Christie xxx

Thank you Christie. A hug is much appreciated.

Take care.
Joan xx