Every day gets harder. I miss my girl so much

I can’t cope. Every day I miss her so unfair her being taken away at a young age. Each day gets worse. My pain increases. It’s stops me doing everyday things. I wish I could take a pill that wipes me out each day.

Jay you can’t I wish we could it’s a nightmare I have to force myself to do things some days other days can’t be bothered it is taking each minute at a time .

Currently filling out forms which is taking its toll on me. Back to work in couple of weeks which I think I need but am also dreading. Struggling to hold it together but bills still got to be paid.
GP messing up along with her being only 53 and how sudden it was has totally destroyed me. I’m not angry at her but with go. She was my life

I should go back to work but I can’t face it I can have 6 months off but think about it next month. Nightmare sorting things out I’m waiting for probate every thing takes so long and the bloody questions I think people dealing with things like this should have some training on compassion but only doing there job .

Filled out form the other day for nearly 23 years I’ve put married. This time it’s widower. Feels wrong at 49. Now more forms, birth, marriage and death certificate. The knife is already in but it just keeps turning and turning.

Do feel your pain I never put widowed and leave a note by side of it I will always be married to Mick and you to Allison

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Just been to shop. Brought rubbish but could not handle not having my girl on my arm or at home when I get there. It was ripping my heart out

Some steps without her know the feeling I went shopping in Morrison’s picked up Micks favourite cakes and had a meltdown people must have thought I was mad

There are just so many reminders of what is missing in your live. You can’t get away from it. Home, our, garden, and TV. Plus I notice all the life insurance and funeral adverts

I keep getting pop ups on life insurance etc drives you mad. I mowed my garden today and Mick always strimmed around the decking which I could not do and he would laugh some how I done it today I remember him saying you have to rotate the strimmer

Hi JayandAllison,
I feel your pain. I can not understand the meaning of life?
Why why when you are all settled happy it has to be ruined!

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