Every day is like a bad groundhog day

Every day at the moment seems to be stuck in the same groundhog like rut. As I wake up I realise my wife is no longer there and the tears start, mornings are bad everything I see touch or do reminds me of my late wife. Afternoons are slightly less worse, most times, and the evenings are bearable when I find something to do, then it’s time for bed and then the thoughts start again of how bad will the next day be - will things ever get better.


I feel exactly the same every morning there is no point in getting up and I cannot fill the day and like you the day is so long. I feel slightly more normal that you are feeling the exact same emotions as friends condemn the way I fell and tell me to move on

Hi Jessica1231
Thanks for your message - my wife passed away two weeks ago mornings are really horrible sleep is difficult, my GP has given me some sleeping pills but I don’t want to take them unless it gets really bad, our cat has started sleeping on my bed at night I think she must be aware of my sadness and my wife no longer being there. I am going to leave Karen’s bedroom as it is and God help anybody who tells me to get a grip or move on!

My little dog sleeps on my bed now. I do not have much to do with my daughter from a previous marriage now and she just says you need to move on and meet new friends. My partner and I just worked on the farm every day together and I never had another life. The stepson has now taken over the farm so I feel completely cut off.

I feel the same,maybe even worse,I’m really struggling.Wife passed away 8 days ago age 57,I’m 52.We done EVERYTHING together.Never had children.This is going to be a long journey for us all.I’m lying in bed now thinking what am I going to do tomorrow,and the next day etc……life is cruel