Every day without him

His laughter felt like sunshine
His smile was always bright
When he was here beside me
My world was bathed in light

But life played the cruellest trick
And took his life away
Now nothing is as it should be
And night has swallowed day

Everything feels different now
Since his light has been gone
I stumble through a darkened world
And try to carry on

I do my best to live my life
And regain some control
But every day without him here
Such longings fill my soul

I’m looking forward to the day
I have him back in sight
I know he’ll be the first I see
As I enter the light


Morning Sad, another nice poem for Sunday. Look after yourself S xxx

Thank you Susie x

A lovely poem @sad2, thank you for sharing. xx

That is a beautiful poem , thank you for sharing x

Thank you Amy49 and Angie4.

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Beautiful, thank you. It’s so hard without them isn’t it?!

Loved it annie x xx

Hi JaneyS.
Sorry for the loss of your husband.
Yes, it is so hard without them. Life is not the same any more,
I lost my partner at the end of January and it still hurts as bad.
Take care

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Thank you Annie11. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
Take care.

What a beautiful poem, it expresses just how I am feeling xx

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A lovely poem and the words are so very true as we all understand, thank you for sharing. X