Everyday I miss you. Everyday I want to kiss you. Everyday I tell you I love you. Everyday I want to hold you. Everyday I feel so lost and empty without you. you are my sunshine in daytime. You are my brightest star at night shinning so bright. You are the love that fills my heart and how I wish we hadn’t had to part. You are my heart and soul and will always be part of me. If only wishes came true. I would still be with you. Our love was deeper than the deepest ocean and was the most beautifull thing I have ever felt and experienced in my life. I feel blessed to have been loved by you and to love you. To find your soulmate and to have that complete love is amazing and beautifull. But to lose them is so painfully heartbreaking and devastating. Its the worst pain I have ever experienced. I try everyday for you and our babies and I love you and them so very much. But it’s so hard and it feels like its getting harder. Or maybe I’m just getting weaker. I don’t know, I just know that I want to be with you. But I also know I can’t as we once said to eachother whoever goes first the other one has to keep going to take care of our pets. I will keep going for them and to keep my word to you. You also said if you went first you would want me to keep going and be happy. I’m keeping going babe, but I will never be happy again. Everyday of my life with be spent still loving you and missing you more than any words could ever say.


Your words echo my thoughts exactly and I’m so sorry for you this grief is endless.
I get so angry when I hear people moaning about their partner we never did any of that we treasured every moment with each other and loved one another completely. I just don’t understand how others get to stay in this world and we who treasured every moment together get taken away from us . We were never out of contact more than 10 mins every day now nothing… It took one moment and our life as we know it gone forever in a second. He was my whole world my everything now there’s nothing .
I’m glad you have your pets Casey I’m sure they are of great comfort to you .
Take care of yourself
Love and hugs to you xx

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@Janeets dear janeets thank you. I’m also so sorry for you and all of us who find ourselves drowning in this grief and yes it is endless. It’s so hard isn’t it as you say they were and still are our world and our everything. My pets do help they give me a reason to get up and keep trying. Though in all honesty I have no desire for life anymore. But I keep going for them and to keep my word to my darling. But all I do is exist and care for my pets. I have nothing else in my life apart from my pets and friends on here. Take care of yourself and I’m always around if you want to chat . At least here we have support and people who understand how we feel. Love and hugs casey xxx

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