Everything is my fault

My father in law passed away after a short illness in November 2018.
My husband has been having a really hard time but now blames me for everything. For instance if something goes missing I’m told I threw it away or if something goes wrong it’s my fault etc… I’m not sure how to help my husband through this anger and the negativity towards me is beginning to break me. I’m struggling to focus in work and can’t afford to take time off. What should i do?

Could you try bereavement counselling - for either him or you both? It might help him come to terms with his loss. It seems like he’s taking his feelings out on you and it isn’t fair. Talking to someone removed mag help.

I have suggested it but he doesn’t see the point in going, thinks he can handle it all himself. I just don’t know what to do next if I can’t get him to talk to someone.
Think I might go myself and if he sees me going then he might get the courage to go

That’s probably a good idea - he clearly isn’t handling it!

Have you tried sitting down and telling him,you know he,s grieving and finding it hard,but it,s wrong the way you are treating me.Tell him you are there if he needs you .Sorry it,s hard to give advice as its your husband that has to admit he,s struggling before it changes,I do feel for you,maybe a bit time will ease the situation xx