My partner passed away in February we we’re together 17 years and did everything together. My heart is broken
I can’t get my head round it !


I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner of 17 years 6 weeks ago. It is impossible to fully explain how we feel. But we are all here for each other. There is no time limit on any of this we just need to take small steps. I still wait for Ian to walk through the door or send me a stupid text. :heart:


I also lost my partner of 16yrs 3m. It’s been devastating and really hard but I do have some good days now, where I see a morsal of hope on the horizon.
Not every day is as dark as the raw days at the beginning…


It’s so hard without him . It’s destroyed me . He went so quickly. It was sepsis.

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Ian’s death was a shock and we still do not know what actually happened. We have been told 6-8 months until we know any more. It has started to get a little easier, the bad days don’t seem to last as long. But the triggers at the moment can be anything. Father’s day was tough and we still all the anniversaries and birthdays ahead. But my DD gives me the strength to keep going. It is still early days for all of us.

I still think he’s going to walk through the door!! Miss our laughter together. Our last conversation was he said he’s still got so much to do and won’t see the dogs again. I never got to say goodbye as they put him in an induced coma and ventilator before I could get there . I wish I could of said you’re be ok :disappointed:


I’m the same. He always used to ring at 15:30 when I was picking DD from school to check we were ok. The phone rang today and I thought it was him. He was away when it happened so I never got to say goodbye. It breaks my heart that he was alone, every second without him is unbearable. I. Thinking of you all everyday. But thank the world that I have someone to talk to. Xx

I keep thinking things like I should not have left him at all alone and he was all alone when he died . I feel so guilty. He was such a kind caring decent man and did deserve that

The guilt is unbearable. I shouldn’t have left him alone, why wasn’t he at home, Ian was a kind man too. He always put others first. But I know he wouldn’t have wanted me to be sad or guilty. That doesn’t help right now but I am sure it will. Xx don’t beat yourself up they wouldn’t want us to. Xx

It’s so sad we’re left behind in pain in our hearts. All I think to myself all the time is I’m never going to see him again. Which is hard to believe. It all happened so quickly him passing. I cry not for me but for him . It’s strange when I get in from my salon but I have our two dogs. They are helping me a lot to carry on .

@Cyprus70 I’m so sorry for your loss of your husband. Must of been such a shock for you. My husband suddenly passed away very quickly at Christmas. Within 30 minutes. I went to work on the Saturday and Sunday I got a call from my son to say that dad had collapsed. Time I got home he was gone. I did CPR as still no ambulance. He was 53 years old. The pain now is so deep and profound. I miss my husband so much. Just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I still can’t believe that I will never see him again. He has been robbed of his life and our future plans and dreams. Life is so unfair and cruel. Sending lots of love and hugs xx

I think your partner would’ve known that you loved him and would not want you to feel guilty. When you find true love it hurts even more when you lose it because it is so special. People say its better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all.