Exhausted and weight loss

I have been so exhausted everything is an effort I do try and get out. But everywhere I go I just feel lost and alone. It’s hard to put into words I just feel detached from everything and everyone around me. I have lost so much weight clothes are falling off me I am alone and have no one for the support I am still waiting for grief counselling. I miss my mum and dad so much every day I go to phone them then the crying starts and I can’t stop grief changes you forever.


Hello Kate88, grief is horrible and saps all your energy. It is something that makes life very difficult because it affects you emotionally and physically and unfortunately it’s a time that we could do with being very strong. I hope when you have counselling things may improve as you have the opportunity to talk about how you are feeling. Try to make sure your diet is good and you try to get enough sleep along with fresh air and excise, any or all will make your life feel a little better. I know it’s easier said than done but honestly if you can look after you well being it can help. Sxx

Hello Kate , I’m so sorry to hear how much you are struggling . I lost my mum 10 months ago and i am currently having counselling , it does help and i take antidepressants too . I couldn’t eat properly for a long time and lost a lot of weight but now my appetite is improving . Keep posting on this site as it helps to chat with other people who understand how difficult it is . Take care of yourself and here if you need to talk.
Love Angie xx