Sadly my World ended on 8/8/2017 the day my Wonderful Husband peacefully passed away in our Beautiful Home which he lovingly restored just 20 months before.
He was diagnosed with a Rare Cancer May 24th 2017. A strong determind Selfless Man who always thought of others and existing without him is Torture. A life without my Husband is Pointless and makes to sense to me. Every second of every day is a constant struggle.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss and can relate to you, Mp as I lost the man I had been married to for 66 years, four months ago. I am 86, and cannot see the point in anything at the moment. All I want is to join him but as I have a lovely family, I would not take my own life. Ten different tablets a day are keeping me alive. What a waste of money when I don’t want to be here. I am really struggling but, on a lighter note, I don’t cry as much as I did so maybe I am getting a little better. We had a long and mostly happy marriage, so I try to think how lucky I was to have him for so long. I do hope that you and I, and all the other bereft people out there, will recover in time and find some purpose in life again. Best wishes. Eileen

Hi MP I lost my husband on 14th Aug after cancer diagnosis in April. He too had renovated our house and built a massive workshop in the garden which is full of tools I will never know how to use. I miss him so much, and looking at the things he did in an understated way makes me incredibly proud of him and maybe you can feel the same too. Someone said to me what are you going to do with the house and I thought this was odd as to move would be like leaving everything he did. I cannot believe I won’t see him again, I have great friends and family and of course the dog who needs taking out twice a day so I get out even if I don’t want to. We have to just live day by day and I hope you find comfort here. Jakkles

Hi guys
I lost my husband 5 months ago after a he got a bad infection and his kidneys failed and he contracted his 4th bout of pneumonia in a year,it’s not been an easy ride,but I’ve tried to remain positive as he would have wanted me to.
We had a holiday to our sons in Canada booked and he told me I had to go and I did,this I’m sure helped,it wasn’t easy as there were places there he loved to to,but I’m glad I went.
I had what would have been our 44th anniversary out there and my 65th birthday,hard days but I got through them,mind you my way of dealing with his death was to spend,if I saw it and wanted I had it.
I came home and went back to work,doing 28hrs a week,this helped a lot and in Oct I had my 1st holiday with a friend in Spain,now it’s back to sorting myself a life out for me.
I’ve sold furniture and brought new,making my home my own,I’ve started swimming lessons,and go to aquafit and the gym,I won’t sit at home and mope ,I cannot afford to,I have to live as my husband always said to me he wanted me to ,I will not forget him and I still have the odd tearful day ,but you have to get on with life,and our memories will always be there for ever.


So sorry to read about your loss, Ginny but you have been doing all the right things since to help yourself. I lost my husband four months ago after being married for 66 years, so you can imagine what a huge gap there is in my life. Spending is very good therapy, and I have been doing that too. I moved out of the flat we both hated and into a smaller one and have been buying new things for that. If I could deal with the loneliness I would be all right but I live in a retirement flat where I am lucky to see one person a day. Still, I console myself with the fact that I had Bill for 66 years, and not all that many people can say that. Best wishes, Eileen