Experiencing bereavement on behalf of someone else

My best friend lost her partner to suicide and I’m finding it very difficult to deal with despite it not happening directly to me. I feel guilty for feeling this way. It has also made me exceptionally anxious. Any tips on how to deal with this?

Hi cm19,
If you are feeling anxious then it might be worth looking into a book by Claire Weeks called “Self help for your nerves”. It was written in the 1960’s, so the language is a little dated. But it is still a well respected book and is often suggested by medical professionals. This book teaches you about ‘floating’ through stressful situations and ‘letting time pass’. It a pretty quick read.
You might have already heard of the book.


I’ve not heard of this but will give it a try thank you!

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this is a very good book. When I was young I was sucked into to someone’s grief. I did not have the tools to be empathic without protecting myself. So I carried her pain.
You are sensitive. If you have not thought about it consider counselling training. You have a gift,
Bidding you a swift recovery.

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thank you so much

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