Extra pain

Hello all,I feel a need to communicate with you lovely people.I know many of you on this site get comfort from your pets,I just lost one of my dogs today,she was 17 and we have had her since she was 3,I have many other animals but it’s always heartbreaking to lose one,and it magnifies the loss of my darling Roy because when life threw tough things at us we would always have each other to get through it.I feel so alone and sad,love to everyone Corinna xx

Hi Corinna, I am so sorry. I know what it is like to lose a much loved pet, but then I had my lovely George with me. We lost our little Jack Russell Millie a couple of years before George died, we were both heartbroken, he probably more so than me because he was with her all the time and did lots of walking with her. I like to think that they have dogs in heaven and they have found each other again. My current little dog is only 2 and still very much a puppy and is far more disobedient now George is no longer here. They are great company though. My love and thoughts are with you. Take care xx

Thankyou,loads of love xx

Hello Corinna, so sorry about your dog. No one except an animal lover can know the pain of losing a much loved pet. When my last dog died I said, no more, like you do. When your older the dogs become like your children and I just couldn’t cope with my dogs loss. But guess what, I now have not one but two. Both rescue. One was from a Dog Pound, picked up on the streets we called her Beepa which was mine and Brian’s initials. Bossy and takes no nonsense but so loving. Then we started fostering for a local rescue and Bugsy (formerly Buddy) came to us. He went on to another home but it didn’t work out so he came back to us and this time we kept him. Brian adored this cheeky little fellow he’s cross JR terrier. He’a asleep by me now and I love him to bits as I do Beepa. They sleep with me at night and are a constant comfort. I can’t imagine how I would have got through these past months without them. I spend hours with them. They are my ‘comfort blankets’. I am panicky without them. I know you have other animals, which must help. I used to have a house like Noah’s Ark years ago. Horses, dogs, cats, even pet sheep, but have not the space now. But would prefer animals to humans of late. Hope you get another dog as there are so many at rescue centres that need loving people like yourself. Dread anything happening to my dogs which I call the children. It would be the end of me. Thinking of you Pat

You’re right they are such a comfort and I honestly think if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t still be here,but I couldn’t leave them,their life has changed too since they lost their ‘dad’ and it is my responsibility to care for them.I am lucky in my work ,I am a veterinary nurse and my clinic is attached to a rescue centre so I spend more time with animals than humans which suits me!Thankyou for your kind words,much love,Corinna xx

Corinna, what a wonderful job and next to a rescue centre. If I had your job I would probably have at least fifty dogs by now. Used to have a smallholding and the animals were my great love. I think I worked to keep them. I forgot to mention on my list I even had a pet pig, called Josephine. I’m afraid that Brian would not have appreciated my lifestyle in those days. He hated farmyard and stable smells. I used to tease him that I would have some perfume made that smelt of stables, which was nectar to my senses.
Where I live it’s difficult to obtain a rescue dog without a long drive and now so many around here are from Rumania, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. Not sure I agree with this when there are so many of our own in need of homes Bet it won’t be long before your taking another homeless dog home to join your other animals…
Like you I don’t think I would be around now if it hadn’t been for the love of my dogs. I so wanted to go with Brian but when I looked at Beepa and Bugsy I knew I had to look after them. Beepa is very sensitive and even now can’t work out where her dad is. She lies on his chair for hours. Take care Pat

Corinna, please don’t worry about the pain of losing a beloved pet, it has happened to us, but ya know, grief is the price we pay for the love we have for our pets. It is nothing to be ashamed of, one day you will see him/her again. Google this poem it is so true. “Rainbow Ridge”, it will probably make you cry but they will be healing tears. Please will you keep in touch and let us know how you are, this group is so caring. Love MaryL

Dear Corinna I’m so sorry about the loss of your darling dog. I know it’s very sad when you lose a pet. She will be in heaven now with your Roy.
Take care and thinking of you
Julie x

Thankyou to everyone who has replied to me,I feel really low tonight but you are all such a comfort,stick together,we understand each other like no one else does.Loads of love to everyone,Corinna xx

MaryL, what a beautiful poem - it brought a tear to my eye but a smile to my face at the same time. Our home is also home to a variety of abandoned animals, so we’ve lost several dear souls along the way, including my favourite old donkey just a few weeks ago. I’ve always believed in a life beyond this one but never really thought before about where our pets fit in. I’ll look forward to being trampled on when my time comes!

When my daughter died she said she wanted to be remembered in rainbows and butterflies, so this poem was a double blessing for me. Thank you for sharing it. Kathy xx