Fact of life

Dealing with loss is hard however it happens. I lost my wife 2yrs ago I would sooner she went 1st. It is hard but I would sooner she went first than leave her alone. I take comfort that she went 1st. In all partnership 1 is going to go first. I’m just happy she went first. I’m copping quite well because this is my mentally. I would loved to have passed with her but life has other plans. Nothing in life is fair. Why wallow in self pity because you’re partner would not want that. Yes I’m lonely but I would sooner be the lonely one because my gorgeous wife would struggle more.

I will never get over my wife’s passing however what helps is the fact that I survived her passing. Just after she passed I got diagnosed with prostate cancer I’m glad that she wasn’t here because she would want to look after me and she wouldn’t be able to. I miss her every day but I feel blessed that she didn’t have to deal with my problems.

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