I would describe myself as a non practioning Christian by which I mean I try to live by Christian values but don’t go to church. All my life I’ve held a deep seated belief that I would see friends and family that have passed, again. I really dont want to loose sight of those beliefs. The one person I want to desperately see again is my partner who left me a year ago. I don’t know why I’m questioning that I won’t but it worries me that I am.



I think it’s natural, I was brought up to Believe & that belief wasn’t shaken following the death of my parents & it helped to know i would see them again

But for some reason this Belief was completely shaken when my husband died so it made the grief a lot worse as I wasn’t so surely I’d see him again.

I’m 3 years a long now & slowly the belief is coming back, I think the shock of his loss turned everything on his head including my belief we see loved ones again, we can either choose to belief or not, I’d rather lead the rest of my life believing I’ll see him again then struggle not believing.

So n answer to your question, we’ve been through an awful trauma so it’s no surprise our belief is tested.


Hi Flower garden. Thank you for your reply. I suppose I just wanted someone to understand what I was feeling and I think you’ve done that. I’m in my seventies now so not expecting to go just yet but on the other hand got less in front than behind. Having had this belief for so long worried me that I was starting to doubt but deep down I knew I was right. Thanks again for your reply. This group has been a lifeline for me.

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Hi @peterj

I was not brought up as a church goer but I have done so during a lot of my adult life.
I have been lucky in that my faith has not wavered at all. I truly believe that whatever has happened has a reason. We may never know what it is but I believe there is one.
I also am certain we will be together someday.
I have met people who have been close to death when I worked in hospitals and some of them had seen their loved ones coming to meet them before they were revived.

I had a dilemma and spoke to our vicar about the question that was confusing me then we worked out something which made sense to me.
I could not see how Richard could be happy and at peace with God seeing us in such distress. My younger daughter has a learning disability and is much much more like a child in her thinking and she does not get so distressed. She lives in the moment so is not imagining different scenarios without her Dad.

The bible says Come to me as children, so maybe that is how people are and see things.
Also, since eternity is not something we can imagine, the time left until we meet again and the time they may see us distressed is but the blink of an eye to someone in eternal life.

Don’t know if that makes any sense but it did to me.

Thank you Karen. Its makes sense and what you’ve written is definitely a comfort to me.