Falling apart.

I’m falling apart today,tomorrow is my dear wifes funeral and I am a mess,cannot stop thinking about her ,miss her so much ,I have such an ache in my stomach,cannot sleep,cannot eat ,empty house driving me insane,my life in ruins,nothing to go on for,this is not how I wanted us to end.


Firstly , hope, you get/ got through the sadest day in your life, it all probably feels like some kind of nightmare, then it’s just getting through each day. It’s 18 months for me now, we survive, each day, just that little more bearable. Many on here will tell different stories, about how they get through, the thing that links us, is the unbearable sadness, we feel. The ache we feel, will always be here, but it does ease, listen to all, take what we can from them. Wish you some kind of peace, and deepest condolences.
Take care


Thank you for your kind and loving words.Yes this is the saddest day of my life,even when I lost a son aged 28 to a car accident it did not feel quite as bad as this.Losing my dear wife has wiped me out.Left me with no hope,no future only lonelyness.

I do know where you are coming from, kind words, are nice, but do they change anything ?. My heart does go out to you, hope you can find some peace, although I imagine ,you don’t know where to find it. Somewhere deep inside, I pray you find some inner strength . Stay on here, people at least offer some comfort. Again deep condolences. Take care.

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Thank you my friend,it is going to be very hard to carry on.

Seems a long and difficult journey, you will get there.
Take care.

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