Family letter for the coroner

I was not included in the contents of the ‘Family letter’ to the coroner. My ex-husband passed it to our youngest daughter who wrote it. This was two months after my son died and I only heard about the existence of this document when the coroner tried to contact me two months later after they had returned it to her.
The coroner was very kind and sent me a template to write my own letter. However I have not been able to make myself put any words down as yet. It’s four months since I lost my son and i don’t understand anything that my daughters are doing; why they want to hurt me.
I feel completely sidelined by my two daughters and their father and have done since my son died.
I wondered if this is something others have/are experiencing……

My husband did our letter think he put lots of what happened that weekend and what we know now after looking at his computer. I think they like background to how they were, what they were like in most of their life.

I had a police liaison officer come out to do my statement for the police and the coroner. They asked for a back ground history of my son starting from school age all the way through and the full details of that Friday as I call it. They were really kind as when I gave the statement I was all over the place. I then had a copy which I had to sign and when the coroner was gathering all his information it was all in the bundle before the inquest, I found it extremely difficult reading the post mortem and toxicology reports, but I’m glad I did read them, just be aware if you do have to read documents like that, which I really hope you don’t it is very upsetting. Not sure if what I have put is any help or made it worse, if I have I am really sorry, but that was my experience. Take care

Thank you, I’m so sorry you had to go through it. I’ve been left outside the process by my daughters and that has heaped on the hurst anxiety and sadness.
I have to write it, I feel it’s my tribute to him.
I’m not sure I will read the coroners papers - we’re probably not going for a court inquest which should make it simpler,

Taff, thank you for your reply. It’s a hard thing to do but I’ll get there….

It is a hard thing to do, especially this early on when you just want to forget it. We put enough in ours that the police didnt need to do their statement of what he was like in the 3 days before which I was grateful for as they called me on week 8 saying I would need to do it.