Family meal pub lunch without my husband

Since Mick passed 4 months ago lockdown came in. Had not really left the house. My son and daughter took me for a pub lunch today a place Mick loved going to for his Sunday roast. The closer I got to the pub my heart felt like it was going to burst overwhelming emotions because he was not with us. I don’t know how I sat and ate but I did I thought that’s one hurdle I got though with out him so why do I feel guilty

Kim hun I know what you mean you have done nothing wrong at all this life’s cruel hecwas with you giving you strength im the same here breaking down only want my man xx :broken_heart: I’m so sorry for your loss xx :cry:

We feel guilty because we love them and want them to be enjoying the things we are, when I knew my dad will die, I threw away the bottle of Coke as that was his favourite drink and haven’t had it since, I just can’t imagine having Coke when he can’t, people say you can’t live like this and they are probably correct, as Adele said, don’t feel guilty, it is good you managed to go out with your kids, hopefully in time you’ll be able to go the pub for lunch and instead of feeling sad you’ll be able to remember the good times and enjoy yourself as Mick would have loved that.

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Abdullah I cant image that that pain so so sad god last think my Edward asked me for was a drink of Coke a cola he was on zero flulds my heart breaks wishing your mum well take care of yourselves :cry:

Hi Kim,
I have not been to the pub yet as I can not there to there without him yet as he was looking forward to walk to the pub , have a beer after lockdown.

I am really missing mist Fridays walking to the pub with our son, talking, laughing together, having a beer and back on our bike or walking…I AM REALLY MISSING MISSING EVERYTHING. EVEN KEEP TELLING HIM I WANT OUR SON TO GET USED TO GOING TO THE PUB…THESE FRIDAYS WERE ONLY OUR SOCIAL LIFE

Hi I think it’s the guilt after I just kept thinking he should be here with his pint. My kids say he would want you to do things really hard. I hope you and your son can one Friday go to the pub and raise a glass to him. Take care x

Hi Kim. I know exactly how you must have felt. I have tried to jump over hurdles by making myself face places where I visited with Ron. It proved too much for me as like you your husband cannot share it with you. Ron used to take me car booting every Sunday and I went yesterday on my own for the first time. The pain was like a knife to my heart. I just walked around in a daze expecting him to pop up somewhere. I did not feel any of the excitement I used to love when he was with me bargain hunting… I expect it will be easier next time but how it re enforced those raw feelings I had when he passed away. Take care. I am sure these things become easier eventually.

Ron used to t

Sorry if the mention of Coke reminded you of your husbands’s death. Hope you’re coping today, and hope you are feeling a bit better today @Kim5.

It’s fine Abdullah take care in my thoughts

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Hi Kim
The first time I went to a pub after losing Brian it was his birthday and I met a friend for a meal. I also took a framed photograph (quite a large one) of Brian and put it on the table with us, so I had him there. I even ordered his favourite food for me to eat. We cope how we can.

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Thank you I ordered what he would have but kept looking around the pub for him I carry photos in my bag. Lovely for you to take a photo with you xx

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