family picture goose fair 1969 or 1970 remembering my dad

me my brother Paul my mum and my dad whose sadly no longer here.
pauls holding 2 monkies.we were a couple of monkies at times at that age lol


Such a lovely photo, Ian x

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thank you very much MaryL.
very much appreciated

Beautiful photo x

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thank you Watt.
my dad passed in july 2006,and since losing Jayne ive realised how much
having Jayne with me was a massive safety net and a comfort blanket which supported me when losing my im missing him and Jayne .

me mum dad
not a very clear picture.was taken in 1983 I was 18 years old.withmy mum and dad
my sister Samantha is in the far bottom left,and she was a bit of a tomboy she was 6/7 years old in this picture not sure why my brother David isnt in the picture ,the other 2 the kids of the family my dad and mum befriended.was the last holiday I went away with my been to a friends birthday party Friday night,i didn’t get in till about 8am and we were driving to Inglemells a resort not to far from Skegness and Mablethorpe.i was not to well ,my own fault for drinking way to much.well we were about 30 minutes away from getting there and I was feeling sick needless to say yes I was and dad pulled over had take my jeans off and put them in a plastic bag.,dad wasn’t to happy to say the least.but had an ok week and played in 2 park comps.pool and table tennis.lost in the final of both.i hadn’t picked up a table tennis bat since I was 15 years old my attacking shots were nigh on zero had to defend and make them make mistakes lol but all in all was okayish lol.may seem very strange but then again maybe not but since losing my baby Jayne ,I seem be thinking more of Samantha and my dad not that they weren’t always in the back of my mind but now in looking back rather than to any future seems vivid memories of them both are flooding back and at times adding to my frail emotions.

your in my thoughts Samantha,would of been your 44th birthday today.
its hard to believe it was 35 years ago we lost you.hope your looking after Dad and Jayne.
love ian xxx

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So sorry, thinking of you. It would’ve been my uncles birthday today too, we lost him 6 months before Dad.

It never gets better huh.
Take it easy.

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thank you Steph.
very much appreciated.
try stay safe and take care

my Mum,Dad,brother David and sister Samantha must of been taken around 1983

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Lovely family Ian :heart:

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thank you MrsColt.
sadly my sister passed in aug 1985 aged 9 and my dad july 2006 .aged 64
just put a little im memory article in the local paper as would of been Samantha birthday today.since my dad passed Jayne and me had always put something in the paper 2 times a year no real times just random,this is first time ive done it with just being from me.

remember this song was used in the back ground when bbc did a highlights of the barcelona olympics,Jayne and i loved watching,was the one were derek redmond tore his hamstring,and his dad came on the track and he completed the event.was a real tear jerker watching this happen.

my Dad ,lost him in 2006 26th would of been his 78th Birthday today.
Happy Birthday ! Dad.
every weds from about 1999 to 2005 every weds we would play snooker for a few hours.
thinking of you you x

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Happy birthday to your pops!
Wednesday was a special day for me and my pops too, how funny. Have a drink for your dad today.
Take care and best wishes.

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thank you !very much appreciated .
going give my mum a call later.
take care stay safe