Family struggling to live with Cancer

Never posted on a forum like this before so feeling unsure of what to say.

The whole family is struggling to cope with a family member who has cancer and is declining. The diagnosis was made over two and a half years ago and is now getting harder day by day.
Talking about it and what is happening has been so difficult and the family are being pulled apart as they are not coping with their own feelings. We need some help but don’t really know what as its all so difficult and nobody knows which way to turn.

So much anger, frustration and bad feeling is building and it really feels like the family will be broken by all this. Everyone says we should all pull together but when the person with the disease can’t talk about things and would prefer we didn’t either, it’s so so hard.

I would so appreciate any comments, help and advice anyone who has gone through this or currently is can give.

It would be so good to feel we were a solid unit who could pull together and make everything as good as it can be but it all feels like its going to fall apart under the strain .


I’m so sorry your family is under so much strain. I’ve cared for my mum through terminal cancer. Hardest thing in the world. My advice is to get in touch with a local hospice to see if they do any support sessions or advice. We had the support from angels from the local hospice, even though my mum didn’t end up going there. The practical advice from the nurses was a big support.

My other advice is ask for help from everywhere. Don’t be proud as a family dealing with it all on your own. This is a specialist subject and you need help. This forum has been a life line for me. Always here to ask advice from people who unfortunately understand.

Take care and feel free to keep chatting here. Also try to keep talking to each other even if it is just small conversations at first. I was blessed with a mum who faced death head on. It must be very difficult if nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room.

Take care

Ann xx