I am sorry to say that I now find this site more of hindrance than help.
There are many lost souls who must wonder what is going on with all the silly arguments that crop up from time to time. Now we have this ridiculous discussion about religion. Tolerance seems to have disappeared as has respect for another’s opinions. I contribute to an anxiety website where I feel more than qualified to voice an opinion. I am so often confused and puzzled by the attitude of some on here.
Bless you all. You do deserve better than that.

I thank you for your contributions. They have helped me in the short time I have been on here. I get what you say I I have been acused of invading someone’s post. It is a big shame.

Hi John
You have been a wonderful and inspirational help to so many people on this forum and to lose you would be a sad loss because of the few that want to provoke silly arguments. Please reconsider as there are many of us that find your contributions sensible, with an intelligent approach to the world of grief.
Perhaps take a rest for a while but don’t forget that there are many grieving people that would be sorry to lose you.
Pat xxx


Jonathan I am new on here and have read so much of your wise advice. Please don’t leave us. You are so neutral with everyone especially whilst you have suffered grief yourself. Please keep advising us.


Hi Jonathan, before joining this site I read posts here for a few weeks, and you wrote some great responses. It will be sad to see you go as you make so many positive contribitions. I just find it a bit confusing that you say you’re leaving because of a lack of respect for a different opinion and lack of tolerance, but isn’t that exactly what you’re doing, when you say you’re leaving just because some people have a different opinion than you on how much religious talk we should tolerate on here?

No one has said that nobody can talk about religion at all, what some people don’t like is that a poster is constantly talking about religion in every post. That isn’t really appropriate for this forum, people who need spiritual help already have Churches, Synagogues, Mosques etc to go to, there are numerous websites available for people to talk about their bereavement within a religious context, maybe you think that poster didn’t do anything wrong, but some of us thought his posts were off-putting, especially to people who might not want religion brought up when they’re talking about their grief, surely you can respect this difference of opinion and continue contributing here with your excellent posts?


Johnathan I’ve been perusing on the forum for many months without really engaging anymore because of some posters on here starting petty squabbles. When I first posted you wrote to me and put a lot of my confusing grief stricken thoughts into some kind of sense. I immediately felt such a huge weight be lifted. You are clearly such a lovely man. Thank you for always always reaching out. God knows how many people you have helped pull back from the edge. I’m not religious but I always love your sign off “blessings”. It always gave me comfort. And as for any other religious posts. Doesn’t bother me. I just don’t read them if they go a bit too deep for me too understand. Who are we to tell people what they can and can’t write or believe in. Take care lovely Johnathan. X


Well said Jooles in your support for Jonathan, If there are posts that we don’t feel qualified to reply to, we don’t have to read them. There are quite a few I don’t read as I don’t relate to them. It doesn’t bother me either. One thing I do know, we can’t afford to lose such a helpful member of the forum.


I have said before and I’ll say it again, your posts are both wise and comforting. You seem to have an innate ability to put into words what others are thinking. I enjoy reading your posts because I find them calming.

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Thanks Pat. I have had many messages which I truly appreciate, yours among them. Thank you. Blessings. John.

Thank you Jooles. We all do our best, it’s all we can do. If, on our tombstones is written ‘he/she did their best’ then that should be good enough. Take care. John.