Father is nearing the end of his life

Hello all
It took me sometime to think whether or not to join this forum but I need to talk to someone away from my family. My lovely father is in the last few days of his life after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in early 2019. It was a huge shock as my 81 year old dad was fit and well before this year began and his only medical issue was type 2 diabetes which was diet controlled. He is currently at home with my mum and Sue Ryder nurses visit three times a day and provide night care they do a great job. He is asleep now the last two days with no sign of waking we are all very upset seeing him slipping away. I just feel I need to chat to someone away from my family and the nurses and doctors and health proffessionals.

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Hello and welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that your father is nearing the end of his life. It is understandable that it is extremely upsetting to see him like this. I’m glad to hear he is being well cared-for by the Sue Ryder nurses, and I hope it helps a little to having this place to write down how you are feeling.

We have another user called Katy who is currently in a similar situation with her grandad. If you would like to talk to her, you can reply to her post here: https://support.sueryder.org/community/end-life/my-grandad-only-has-hours-or-days-left

We also have some information on our website about What to expect at the end of life and Helping someone who is close to death, which you might find helpful to read.

Take care, and keep posting if you find that it helps.

Thanks Priscilla my dad passed away in the early hours of Monday 20.5.19, I had a phonecall from the Sue ryder nurse to say dad died peacefully in the early hours. Hard to take just trying to come to terms with the situation we face now. Beautiful father may he rest in peace

I’m so sorry for your loss. Now is the time to be very kind to yourself and allow yourself to grieve in whatever ways you need to. Your emotions may be all over the place at the moment, or you may feel numb or in shock. The Sue Ryder hospice should be able to offer you some support.

If you ever feel like talking to others in similar situations, you can always post in the Losing a Parent section of this site: https://support.sueryder.org/community/losing-parent

Hi Baggiesfan

I just wanted to reach out and say there are lots of people who sympathise with your situation here so it is a great supportive environment if you ever need to talk about your emotions about losing your dad.

It is very early days for you on this grief journey so I just wanted to drop a note to send some love.

Ann xx

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