Father passing away

It is just over two weeks since my worst nightmare came true. My father was a missing person for a number of days and then myself and my family had the worst thing happen, have the police knock on the door early hours of the morning. My father’s body was found and we were told someone had been arrested due to suspicious circumstances.
As a family we are all struggling and I am not coping well at all. I do not know how or why he died and we have still not had his body be released by the coroners. It has been so traumatic and I was not even able to say one final goodbye to him.

I often think how can I ever live like I did before? How do I move on with my life without my poor dad? So many people say it will get easier, but I just cannot see how it can at this point. I know it is only early on in the grieving process, but this is just horrific.


My heart goes out to you. What a terrible terrible situation.

In time, I think that you will decide to carry on and live life, as your dad would have wanted. But until then you just need to take each minute, hour and day as it comes, and make sure that you and your loved ones eat healthily and get lots of sleep and rest.

Take care, and keep posting.

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How awful for you and your family, i hope you get the answers you need. There is no right or wrong way to grieving, my Dad passed 2 months ago, its still difficult and will be for some time. Everyone copes differently. Hope you have plenty of support around you, that always helps. You do things at your pace and when you are ready.
Keep posting on here, im new to this too, it will help you. There is always someone here. Xxxx