Father’s Day

Hi, My lovely Dad passed away in March and I’ve found this online chat so supportive in the months since. I haven’t been on for a while but find myself back here as I’m really starting to struggle again. I think the fact it’s Fathers Day next week is part of it as it just seems so in your face this year, everywhere I go I see “Father’s Day” or a radio advert comes on, social media posts etc. I also feel that it’s almost three months to the day and to me this feels like a milestone, moving from measuring in days to weeks and now months just makes it seem so long ago that I saw Dad, talked with him, heard his voice etc. People tell me it takes time and time makes it easier. I just feel I’m going backwards and it’s harder now than ever. I don’t know what to do really, just typing this message out helps a bit I guess :broken_heart:


Dear Mop48.

Father’s Day can indeed be a difficult day to cope with when you have lost your dad, especially when it happened recently. I remember getting really upset seeing all the cards in the shops after my dad had died. If you type ‘Father’s Day’ in the search button in the top right hand corner you will see that many people have posted about it. It may help you to knwo your are not a lone, and reading through some of the posts may give you ideas on how best to get through this time. My sisters and I usually post something on our Facebook page in memory of our dad, and one of us will put flowers on his grave on behalf of all of us. You may also find t helpful to read this article from Sue Ryder’s head of bereavement services: https://www.sueryder.org/blog/coping-with-grief-on-fathers-day
xx Jo