Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and I know it will be really tough for many of you. If you’ve lost your dad, it’s natural that you may miss him more than ever at times like this.

Here on the Online Community, you aren’t alone in feeling like this. I know there are lots of you who will be feeling similar things, so I’ve started this conversation so you can talk about it and support each other.

Are you dreading Father’s Day? Do you have something special planned to remember your dad? Post a reply below to share with others on the community.

Yes this is something I’m dreading. I look at father’s day cards and feel so upset. I lost my dad in march and this will be the first without him. I just feel so low and miss him terribly. I still can’t face going back to work. Don’t feel strong enough. This pain is so intense. Just feel I’m stuck in this dark place and don’t know how to get through this. My dad was my world and miss him so so much.

My husband died last year aged 49 leaving 3 teenage daughters. How the heck do I get them through Father’s Day? What have others done in the same position?

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Hi my daughter and I lost her dad and my husband 10 months ago and although we are trying to be strong just the appearance of all the Father’s Day promotions in the shops etc has set her back to tears at the entrance to the supermarkets etc. How we feel is not clear to those who still have their lovely dads to celebrate. What should we do? we will do our usual going out for dinner somewhere he would have loved. We will be soooooooo sad but hope he knows how much we love and miss him. ??? what is this? such punishment after such love xxxxxxx Bless you all we must try our best.

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I lost my dad over ten years ago and it still hurts when this day comes around. It has got easier, though, and I remember dad with smiles and not so much grief. My memories are great ones and I hardly think of his passing at all. I simply remember his life. All I have to do is look up and smile and he is with me. Love never dies. Never. x

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My first father’s day without mine and I’m dreading it. Just want to stay in bed all day and not see anyone but i have to make the effort for my own kids sakes

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Hi, my husband died suddenly in September so it will be the first Father’s Day for us without him. Seeing all the cards and hearing the adverts is so hard, isn’t it? I had a counselling session last week and was told you have to go through a year of ‘firsts’ before you can start acceptance. Thinking of you x

My husband was killed last July and I’m dreading father Day. What can you say to the children when all they want to do is speak to their Daddy and your in tears and cannot answer any of there questions about what to do

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Im the same joey I lost my dad in march and I’m not feeling like I want to celebrate fathers day

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Hi Shana. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a tough time. I’m struggling coming to terms with the loss of my dad. He had Alzheimer’s he was only 68. He was diagnosed at an early age at 55. I miss him terribly he was my world. I can relate to how you are feeling. Father’s day is going to tough for us but somehow we will get through it. Our dads love is still with us. Try and just take one day at a time. Do you have support. Take care and look after yourself. Xx

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