Father's Day!

Hello again!

I haven’t been on her for a few weeks as I felt I was beginning to find my way through my grief. However today is my first father’s day since losing my Dad suddenly in January and so I find myself back on here trying to find out different ways people cope with days like today.

I have tried to completely shut myself away from the outside world (especially social media) but have found it quite isolating…so I went for a walk and tried listening to music, I went to do the grocery run and petrol run and I have just generally tried to keep myself busy but nothing is helping to take away the pain and hole that is left within me.

I have had text messages asking how I am doing but I don’t want to answer them honestly as I don’t want to drag them down with me or for them not to enjoy their day as they all still have their Dads or are Dads of their own.

I just want today to end…to say I am struggling is an understatement!


Thinking of you today :heart:

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I empathise fully !!! I’m only recently bereaved too and today is he’ll…every day is bad but today especially so…and the mad thing about it is that it’s a manufactured day but our feelings aren’t so


Hi @patrick1

Thanks for replying.

I am so sorry for your loss too!

I knew it was going to be hard today but didn’t realise how hard…even when I was out I couldn’t unsee all the Dads and their children and families etc which just made me realise I’ll never have that again!

Thinking of you and sending hugs!


Thanks lovely for your reply!

Thinking of you too!

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Just thinking actually ever since daddy died on 21st February every day has been bad , today is the worst as I can’t stop crying today

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I am so sorry to hear this but I totally understand…I have had a few tears today too! What we are feeling is apparently so normal!

Sending hugs!

I could have written this - I felt exactly the same today. My first one without my dad.
I felt very alone my brother said he was treating it as just another day and couldn’t understand how he could do that.
I didn’t know what to do with myself nothing I did made me feel any better.
Thanks for sharing nice to know it’s not just me.


Hi @Steffers11111

I am so sorry for your loss.

From personally experience everyone deals with grief differently and I don’t think there is any right or wrong way to deal with it.

My brother is dealing with it differently too…I find it really hard to talk to my family and friends about it and would prefer to talk on here.

Just take each day as it comes and some days each hour and I am always a message away if I can help in anyway!

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Sorry for your loss.

I read this and it was like someone was reading my mind.

My Father passed away in January so this was the first Father’s Day without him and it was harder than I imagined.
I couldn’t face shopping for all the Father’s Day paraphernalia, I didn’t let anyone know I was struggling and thought I’d just get on with it. In hindsight I should’ve told people sooner as once I did, it made me feel that little bit better to even just offload how I felt.

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I totally understand how you were feeling.
It was my second Father’s Day without my dad.
Last year I was fine but this year I found it very hard.
I went to his grave and laid his favourite flowers (white roses).
I thought about him a lot, of course I do every day but more on that day.
I write letters to him to cope with my grief so wrote a letter and cried.
That gave a little bit of relief.
You have to go through.
Now I’m okay.

Next year maybe I have an other feeling.

Stay strong!


So sorry for your loss.

My Dad is buried in Ireland so I don’t really have somewhere to go and ‘talk’ to him but I like the idea of writing letters to him, thank you!

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You’re welcome!