Favourite TV programmes

Our absolute favourite TV programme was Downton Abbey and we must have watched the boxed set at least 6 times since we bought it.It was the last thing we were watching before Rob died.Last night I decided to put the film on.It had been sitting in It’s box for a few weeks.It has been so hard to bring myself to watch it because Rob was so looking forward to it.Well,when the music started,I filled up with tears but I continued.I’m so glad I did.I like to think he watched it with me.I feel proud of myself now.


I record over and over again…Everybody loves Raymond…" it doesn’t matter how many times i have watched them, they still have the feelgood factor and at times some of them still give me that chuckle…Since i lost my Richard there realy is not much at all that i am interested in watching on the tv, certainly not our news, cant take the doom and gloom…

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I have so many DVDs and I’m not sure what I can watch yet.I would find comedies a struggle but I also have season 3 of the Crown to watch(another prog that Rob loved.I must have a look through them all.

My husband loved watching ‘saving lives at sea’ and he would shout to our wee dog ’ Get your life jacket Daisy our program is on’ I miss silly things like that :cry:

My Richard would watch football on tv, oh how i hate football, and walk out, or make a sarcastic comment what football again…but back in his younger days he played football which i knew but it was only after his death when i was going through his employments leaving " this is your life red book " i saw or the newspaper cuttings, he was his local football teams manager and there i saw photos of him proudly holding the cup…Oh how i hated all things football, still do but strange really as when we watched tv quiz type shows whenever a football multiple choice question-answer came up on football, i would ask him which does he think the answer to be A B or C, and we had a giggle when i got them right and got got them wrong, i would rib him by saying,…" hm, and i thought you knew football…" he would smile because he was a very competitive person and he could see the funny side, of all the subjects for him to get wrong, football…and me the one who knows nothing gets it right…

I love Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, Poirot and old black and white films. I find that I can lose myself in them which gives me a small measure of relief from the continual grieving, I reckon that we all need some ease from the continuous tears.

I do love watching my soaps and do lose myself in them only to come back with a jolt when they finish and see his empty chair that’s when the tears start again

This year will be strange not having to watch the Euros and the Olympics.The TV would have been on all day with wall to wall sport.Rob would watch anything apart from golf.Something to be thankful for! Jill

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Same here jill roger loved his sports especially his liverpool football team and there doing so well this year too make me so sad, his funeral was all red and we played your never walk alone liverpool’s song, oh how I miss him loved him so much take care x

Robs team was Leeds United.He would be so pleased to see how well they are doing.Maybe Premiership this year! X

My Richard only really followed his homes local Luton football, not Dorset when we moved to here only a Luton football watcher- supporter…Strange really as I come from Watford ( Although long story, i was born in Edinburgh although i am British and not Scottish ) and when his longstanding couple of friends heard that he was dating a lady from Watford, they ribbed him rotten as i was at the time living just a stones throw from the Watford football stadium, if you dont know they are neighbouring counties and Watford was always in a higher league than Luton…I can still smile as i dont think my Richard ever lived this down…

My mum loved strictly. But she also watched films all the time. She loved a film. Dad sold all of her dvds. (250). My brother took some though. We were always watching films growing up. She would sit up til gone midnight watching films.

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It’s so hard to watch something you both loved.We were great fans of Strictly but Rob died halfway through.He picked Kelvin from the start.He would have been really pleased

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I took mum to a strictly show at the theatre tour we had such a lovely evening. X

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We love to watch Emmerdale as a family, me, mum and my older brother - l still watch Emmerdale with my mum, letting her know what’s happening…Mum also loved watching Twilight (she has the box set and books) and is a fan of Robert Pattinson so in mums honour when the Batman movie comes out l shall buy 2 tickets and go watch it (at least that’s the plan). I miss mums company…

I am watching series 3 of the Crown which Rob loved.I feel weepy when I hear the title music but after that I’m into it.I do ask him if he’s watching!

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Your Rob had good taste.

He might have come across a a bold brash Londoner but he loved all period dramas.I can’t imagine he would have watched them before he knew me!Back in the 90’s,his life was all about Rugby,darts and spending most of his time in the pub.I don’t think I changed him,I think he changed himself.

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