Favourite uncle passed away

Hi Everyone,
My uncle (on my mother’s side) passed away last month, the funeral is tomorrow :pensive::sob:. He was my favourite uncle, he was always funny, & kind. I haven’t visited in a number of years, but I always used to write to him often. I’m finding this hard to process, in a way, the distance means I don’t have to deal with reminders every day. My mom moved several hundred miles down country to get away from a very bossy, critical, controlling sister, but despite the distance, she always was close to her brother :pensive:, mom passed away 3 years ago. We used to visit a lot when I was little, but after my nana passed, we stopped visiting, but kept in touch with my uncle, but now he’s gone too :sob:, it feels heartbreaking, not just as a person I cared about, but it also feels I’ve lost the last connection I had to that childhood, the memories of when we used to visit, to the family we had there, & to mom. :pensive: I think my brain is still processing everything, he died of colon cancer about a week before my birthday, I wish mom was here for support.


Hi @Pandaprincess ,

I’m sure someone will be along to share their thoughts, but I just wanted to say thank you for so bravely sharing this with us. Keep reaching out,

I’m so sorry. I know what you mean about those links to childhood, I feel the same as I lost my lovely mum 4 months ago, and my dad died nearly 40 years ago. It’s lovely that you had such a kind uncle. Really sorry for your sadness x

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