Fear being out on my own

Hi lost mum 4 weeks ago i have a fear of being out o my own .i can go to the shop with my son but if he is working i wont go . Just the thought of it fears me as i feel very vunerable i feel lost since losing mum just not my normal strong self. Feel i need someone with me all the time
Anyone know how i can cope with this? anyone else feel like this?
I cry every single day i just want my mum


Take it a stage at a time. Stand at the front door for five minutes. Once you feel comfortable go to the lamp post. Keep going a little further. Tell yourself you are safe and people are friendly. We feel vulnerable and therefore feel that the world is an unfriendly place. Play word games with car number plates. Whatever gets you there and back. After a while you will feel more confident and safe to do this. Sending a big hug xx

Thank you having other people understand is a comfort x

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I have always suffered with this, due to my anxiety, but since I’ve lost my partner, I have become very anxious, and jumpy. I find it very difficult just being outside.
Sending you lots of love xx

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Hi Marie - I’m wondering If it’s fear of meeting other people that holds you back or fear of being outside in the open? I think it happens to more people who are grieving than we think. It happened to me. I started by going out early when not too many people about. Just getting out even if it’s only 10 mins is a start. You are very early in your loss and it’s all a shock and new and it hurts. 4 weeks is a very little time to grieve and you might find that things settle down. You are still upset and so would anyone be, you lost your mum. Give yourself some time and don’t expect too much , too soon. You are grieving and it’s a tribute to how much you loved your mum xxxx