Fed up of being told it will get easier

I am so sick of people telling me it will get easier when every single day feels harder : I miss every single thing about my mum and my partner who died two weeks apart . I’d love to talk to them about the stupid things in my day , I’m getting criticised for drinking too much , it’s the only way to numb my pain ! …. No one understands, it feels so very lonely .xx


I am very sorry for your loss :frowning:
I too am sick of the “time is a healer” and “it will get easier” … I lost my partner/ soulmate , 2 months ago, and I’m finding every day so difficult. I wake up he’s not there I go to sleep he’s not there… I miss the laughs and just the stupid things… I hate living without him, it’s torture…
Sending you lots of love and healing xx


Thankyou and you too . It’s so lovely to be able
To reach out on here too ok people who understand :broken_heart:


So sorry for your lost I lost my husband just over 3 months ago and i keep getting told move on get on with your life also i have been told you will meet some one who will make you happy my answer was my husband made me happy and he will always be my husband just wish some people would shut up and stay away from me


I am so sorry for your losses.
I lost my husband November. He was/still is my everything. My rock, my soul mate, the one person who truly knew mei am totally lost without him and find each day harder
I like @sue11 Have not only had the ‘things will get easier’ but also been told to move on and meet someone else.
I think that is very cold.
My husband was all I ever needed in life. The only time we were apart was when we were working, other than that we were always together. Now I don’t know what I’m meant to do?
I am currently writing to him telling him how much I’m missing him and struggling.
I hope you find some comfort in knowing you have others here who completely understand how you are feeling and will offer support xx