Feel his presence

I realised something today no matter what I do or where I go I still see Jim with me today I walking along and I could feel his presence there. I went into his shed where all his tools and things are as he left them and I could feel him watching me(more then likely watching incase I left it untidy ) . I talk to him all the time and still feel he’s with me. Anyone else feel like this or am I going slowly mad.


It’s strange how some smells can trigger off a memory. Jim’s room still has that smell of him and his aftershave and at the moment I don’t like goin in there because his smell hits me as soon as I open the door. I feel that they are watching us . When my dad died in 2009 my mum said every night when she was in bed her bed would shake violently this happened for days until she said she shouted out IF THATS YOU BILL STOP IT ITS FRIGHTENING ME. After that it never happened again at the time I thought she must have been shaking but since Jim’s death I believe it was true and I ask jim to give me a sign he’s here.


I’m happy that you all feel the things you do, it must be a great comfort. Unfortunately nothing has happened for me, I keep willing to see hear or smell something.
Pete and I had spoken about afterlife and promised each other that if it was possible whoever went first would send a sign.
But I’m still waiting. :sob:
I just feel my darling has gone and that makes is so unbearable.


Sometimes they say it takes a while for your loved one to accept they have passed on. In my case it is 3 and a half years. I shout out to him and I still cry unbearably but I never smell or feel him. When he first died though a few strange things happened, but being pragmatic I put it down to my being over sensitive.
I just wish he would come back once and tell me he is ok. He was always afraid of losing me and I am terrified he is lost somewhere on his own.
Sometimes I sit alone in the house with the T V off and I just wish he would give me a sign but there is nothing but a sense of deep loss. I think it would be wonderful to just know he is looking out for me.
I miss him so much that I feel I am living a life of pretence. There is no joy or sense of a future. I live day to day and accept whatever comes.


after my dad died, I was at my desk at work struggling with a sentence and I could feel a strong presence behind my left shoulder. It was SO strong … so yes …

I am so sorry for your loss and like you I plead with Pete to give me a sign that wherever he is he’s okay with it because I just don’t believe Pete would be able to accept his fate. We were joined at the hip and did everything together and both of us hated spending any time apart, in fact, after he passed I was told that we were known as Hinge and Bracket :joy:in our local community because you would never see one without the other.
I know too that Pete would be worried about how I would cope, he was so strong and level headed, I suffer with anxiety but he could read me and always reassured me and kept me calm.
I’m also living a life of pretence because I don’t want to worry my family but I hate every day I spend without him.
It just such a struggle and the future feels bleak, the light has gone out in my world.
I know he would want me to pick myself up and carry on but I also now how disappointed he would be to miss out on our future, it took me so long to find my soulmate and we only got just under 5 years together so I feel robbed.
Sending hugs


We were exactly the same, we often spoke of the afterlife and very much believed in it.

One of our favourite sayings was that we would choose each other in a hundred lifetimes and had done so already hence why everything felt so familiar when we met.

When I picked up his books it struck me that on the top of the pile was a book titled ‘Who Dies?: An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying’

Now to me that was more than a coincidence, it was a book I’d never seen in his collection.

Also, his songs keep playing on the radio repeatedly which they had never done before on that station.

There’s been a fair few other mind blowing happenings that are merely more than coincidence.

You are not daft, life does go on x