Feel hopeless

After my other husbands death 3 months ago this is so hard, ive been having back pain/ spasms my tummy is all over the place, ive tried talking to the doctor about my anxiety all they want to do is put me on antidepressant ( i dont want more tablets) im trying to take care of my son hes grieving too, all my friends are slowly moving away i think they feel awkward and if someone asks how are you when i do see them ahhhh like crap, sorry for the rant i haven’t got anyone to talk to ive refered myself and son for therapy but we are on a waiting list, i feel so low, aches and pains like ive never felt. Trying to do everything and its so hard


Hi @Sd76 grief is so painful and complicated. I have no words to remedy your struggles, other than to acknowledge your sadness. Keep going through each day in a simple routine, involving eating, movement and rest. Grief is so exhausting and physical strength is needed otherwise you end up feeling worse, hence the pains and anxiety you’re experiencing. Keep sharing your feelings and give yourself time to adjust. Best wishes xx