Feel lost and alone

Last year i lost my brother and i feel so lost hes always in my thoughts. Over the years I’ve lost 3 siblings both parents four nephews and a niece .i feel so lost. Iv bottled it up for so long now. Put on a brave face. But i really want to be with them now.


So much loss lifes so unfair. Putting a brave face on is what we do but inside we’re hurting so much. People think you should get over grief in 5 minutes but it doesn’t work like that all we can do is carry on and remember our loved ones. Sending hugs x


Im so sorry for all the loss you have experienced. I completely understand your feelings. Grief is so hard, especially when you have lost so many loved ones. I was wondering if you have had any time to grieve for each individal person. I know that may seem extremely daunting but it might be a good starting place. I have lost a few family members it seems to happen in 2/3 yr pattern . I would think ive grieved for them but I hadnt , as grief is something that takes so long. Death is so comsuming and it can feel so sufforcating when it happens so often , it starts to seem like that is your fate but i know that YOU matter. You are important and you deseve to have love, happiness and laughter . I have felt the same way you have but im sure there are peope around you who would rather help you through every tough thing in your life than lose you. I wish i could take all your pain away , death is the worse thing to learn to cope with, but with the right people we can get through it. If you feel you dont matter to anyone know that you matter to me . Sending love 🩵

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