Feel lost without her

It’s almost 6 months since I lost the love of my life after almost 60 years together. The grief doesn’t seem to get any better it just gets worse. I talk to her all the time and the pictures of our happy times upset me so much. Will it ever get better?


John, I can only guess how you must feel. When my husband had his stroke, which he thankfully survived, it really brought to the front of my mind how great a loss that would be, especially since I don’t have any family nearby. Do you? Are there friends you can spend more time with? Are there any societies nearby where you can have your thoughts filled with something besides your grief? All I can say, from the experiences of friends, because we’ve reached that age haven’t we where one partner is left, that it does get better and more bearable with time. Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out to others if you need help or even start a little group locally for gentlemen like yourself, to give mutual aid in the sad times. Having come on here is a very brave and marvellous first step and I wish for you, what I’m sure your wife would wish for you, comfort and care and happy memories rather than sad. My best wishes to you. Jay