Feel lost

I’ve recently become an orphan after losing my mom to leukaemia & feel completely lost

I am SO sorry. I am missing my parents terribly right now so you are in good company. being lost is natural to losing your mother. we are so used to them helping us navigate life. it takes a long time to reorient and you never really. protect yourself as best you can. your feelings are tender so shield yourself from others, no matter how well meaning. allow yourself to take baby steps, no matter how long it takes. don’t let anyone interfere with how you are feeling. losing a mother is among the worst losses. don’t underestimate it. :heart:

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I lost my Mum to leukaemia seven weeks ago. She was only diagnosed in October so it was relatively sudden - she deteriorated very rapidly in December over 24 hours and then passed away.

I feel lost too. Our Mums are so important.

I’m so sorry for you loss, :disappointed: this was my moms 2nd diagnosis with Leukaemia she spent 23 years in remission & I’m so grateful & proud to havehad her for that length of time :two_hearts::heart:, she passed away within 2 weeks of her last diagnosis x

Gosh yes, you should be proud, how amazing that you had an extra 23 years. I hope you are OK x