Feel lost

My dad died in Jan 2021 from Parkinson’s disease. He deteriorated very quickly and died peacefully at home. It was so difficult to watch and accept. He knew he was failing and had started saying that it was time to go. I am heartbroken, I can’t accept that he’s gone and the pain of losing him is so raw. I’m trying to help my mum through this too but I feel like I’m an emotional wreck most of the time. I just want to start feeling better.

Hi Maz, you sound heart broken and trying to be strong for your mother will take it’s toll. Parkinson’s is horrible and quiet often the person does go very quickly which can help the remaining family. No matter what, why or when it is always a shock when someone leaves us, we love them so much. Be proud that you can help your mother and be there together, being strong for each other. It is still early days and grieving is hard, just hold on and you will get through this. Dads are very special people to their daughters. Things will improve and you are strong. Take care of yourself and your mum, you need each other. Sxx

Thanks for your kind words and advice. He was very special to me and my daughters adored their Grandpa. He has left a huge void which can never be filled. I’ve been writing to him in a notepad so that I feel I still have a connection with him, it helps me to cope.