Feel lost

Hi .im new here and just feel very lost .i lost my dad to cancer a couple of days ago.he had been poorly treated for a chest infection. However, it was only discovered he had cancer a week before he died im struggling so much .his death happened so fast and haven’t really been able to process it all. Week before he died we spoke to him on the phone and was hopefully planning to get him home. Unknown to the family what lay a head.i was extremely close to my dad you could say i was a daddy’s girl.i feel lost and really dont know iam going to cope with out my dad in my life . Since he died ive been feeling extremely panicky and anxious. He is no longer here and i want him to be …i miss him so much he such an amazing person .


I sorry. I know it is a real struggle when you lose a parent especially a dad. When you are daddy’s girl. I lost my dad two years ago. I can say the pain softens with time and you learn to live with the grief. It is a long journey and you will miss him so much. Talk to him tell him about your day. He will be watching over you. I still talk to my dad. It brings comfort. I hope you have support from Friedman’s family x


He only died last week .but i haven’t really felt him with me .my mum said she felt someone touch her arm in bed .he used to do that when he was alive .and today my sister came to visit and she said she thought she heard somone walking upstairs. Even tho there was nobody up there. I so want to feel him round me:(

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