Feel lost.

My partner died March 10th last year. Lately I have been struggling I am so depressed and lonely can’t seem to function. If I didn’t have the children I wouldn’t get up at all. My family are not helping and I can make plans then not want to do them as I don’t have the energy. Just wish I could dissappear.

Sarah, you do sound depressed and stuck with your grief. I am pleased that the children make you do things. From my own experience I feel that you sound that some counselling may help. It’s a year since your loss and even if you had counselling earlier another set of sessions may help you now. It’s hard when our special person leaves and unless you have been there it’s difficult to understand which is why your family don’t understand. Please think about asking for some help not just for you but your children as well. Cruse have special trained volunteers who deal just with children. Hope this helps and please remember we are always here for you. S xx


My husband died on 24.3.21. I too feel lost. I have painted bedroom and had new carpet and after eleven months am going to sleep in bedroom. I have put pictures of my hubby in and tried to make it feel like my safe space. Everything feels wrong since he died and although jobs have kept me busy I am wondering what distractions I can use next. I can feel my mood dipping again. I miss him so much x