Feel lost

I recently lost my mom very suddenly we were so so close ! My dad died when my my mom was pregnant with me so she bought me and my sister up alone. I have just returned to work after 3 months off finding the “normal” routine unbearable seeing others getting on with their lives. I have lots of support but feel so alone ! My five year old who was very close to her keeps asking who will die next. Afew weeks after losing mom my auntie and uncle died and now my father in law has been diagnosed with terminal cancer ! Six months ago my life was complete ! Now I feel like I’m just existing x

Hi Ailey,

I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your mom, as well as your auntie and uncle, and that your father-in-law is terminally ill. That is such an overwhelming amount of loss in a short space of time. It is no wonder that you are struggling.

It’s very common to feel alone, even when people around you are supportive, as you may feel that people who have not been through the same thing don’t understand. I hope that being part of this Online Community can help, as there are lots of people here who understand what it’s like to lose a loved one, for example:

I’m sorry to hear that your five-year-old is wondering who is going to die next, that must be hard to deal with as a parent. We have some information on our website about supporting a child with bereavement, which you may find helpful. Winston’s Wish is another organisation that offers advice and support on helping bereaved children.


I have felt the same way. My Nan died, then my father in law diagnosed with cancer and survived a few months. Then my mum (also my best friend) was diagnosed with 6 weeks to live. I lost her September 2016. My son still worries about being left alone, he is so afraid of loosing what he has left, he is 13 now. I felt completely lost, cried every day for quite some time, feel sad when I see other mums out with their daughters. My mum was fairly young so felt unfair. I am coming to terms with it now,
it has been a tremendous shock, as you say everything was great not that long ago, it feels like everything has fallen apart. The last year has been a time for personal growth, I now feel that every day is precious and although I long for my mum to be here, I am starting to feel optimistic about rebuilding my life. I can recommend a few books that have helped me, if you are interested. xxx

Thank you if you can recommend any books I would be great full x

My mum died in December 2016 and I miss her so much and can’t get used to being without her…her birthday is next week and I want her to come back, it feels like someone is playing a cruel joke on me