Feel so lost and alone don’t know where to turn

It’s been over 6 years since I lost my mum, but all I want today I my mum to hold me and tell me I will be ok.
I have had a terrible day, a man braked really suddenly in front of me for no reason I nearly his car, I got out to see if the cars were ok and he pushed me to the floor really hard. I am 5 months pregnant, my 5 year old daughter saw what happened.
I am not sitting in bed I can’t stop crying, I want my mum so badly to hold means say it will be ok. I feel so alone. I have friends and family but feel I can’t open up to them, my husband tells me to draw a line in the sand.
I don’t know why I am writing this I just want some one to tell me it will be ok.

My goodness Lemon. I’m so sorry. It matters not how long ago your mum died you still grieve. You need love and comfort. You were assaulted and it could be possible to go to the police. But do you want to? Can you just put it down to ignorance.
‘Draw a line in the sand’, Ah yes, were it so easy, but it’s not is it?
You can’t stop emotions just like that, neither should you be expected to.
You came here becise no one seems to understand, well, you sure came to the right place. We all know and care. Beleive me.

To continue!!! It just published without me touching reply.

Please come back and talk if you want. There will be no judgement or criticism here.
Take care. It will be OK, honest it will. Everything passes and so will this.

Hi you never truly get over loosing someone you love but please try to live life for your children. The incident you describe is awful you should have called the police as you were assaulted. Have you tried speaking to your doctor ? As you are pregnant your emotions are bound to be all over the place anyway. I grew up without a mum and although I hardly knew her I miss not having had a mum and now I have no-one after losing my husband. I hope you can find someone you can talk to on a one to one basis as I think this might help. Good luck to you xxxx