Feel so lost and lonely

Just feel so lost and lonely after the death of my husband ,cry all the time don’t know what to do with myself

Dear Popit
So very sorry that you have lost your husband. Everyone on here understands and will help you if they can…the early days are horrendous but somehow you will find the strength to get through. Please don’t give up. Take care x

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Hello, Popit, I understand exactly, what you are going through, nine weeks ago, my dear husband died it was such a shock, especially as I found him on the bedroom floor. He hadn’t been well for some time, wanting to sleep all day.
I was worried about him. Last Friday, I went to see our GP he was really kind and he told me that if my husband had been in hospital surrounded by doctors, it would not have made the slightest bit of difference nobody could have saved him. To say that I am heartbroken is the understatement of the year. His heart just stopped, he wore out in other words, We had been married 59 years less 2 weeks, I am sure he hung on until I had had my 80th birthday, he passed away exactly one week after. I just want you to know that you could not have come to a better place than this, there is always someone who will comfort you in your grief. That comfort may be hard to accept at first, but it does count. Please take care of yourself, cry when you need to cry, I do and it is a blessed relief, not for long but it is one outlet of our grief. Stick with it and one day there will be a glimmer of light in that dark tunnel through which we all have to trave l.


hi Popit

sadly lots of us on here are constantly emotional crying etc.id say things get easier,but every body is different me I feel like Jayne passed today and it been over 7 months but when you lose someone who was special to you.especially a partner who you shared you life with.good luck and im sure loads on here will try give you a little comfort,hopefully some of your family and friends will also help you out.

…since i lost my partner of 20 years ( he was 74, i am 68, we met in our later years ) i lost him suddenly and unexpectedly 11th April this year and hand on heart i have not gone one day since without shedding tears, crying or literally going to pieces, and i know this day wont be my last…


Hi Popit. My husband died on the 29th sept…I know that lost feeling. The emptiness is horrible. I’m coping day by day by having scheduled company appointments. In between I cry, and try to deal with the admin aftermath. But knowing I’ve company really helps with my loneliness.

Hiya popit I lost my husband of 50 years in June this year and still cry every day I miss him so much he just turned 70 and was going to retire we was going to Mexico to celebrate when he took I’ll with horrible brain disease c j d which there is no cure I nursed him at home till he passed we had been together since i was 16 i miss him every day I know what you mean being lonely , I just wish he could walk through the door , I also lost my mum in March and my brother last year , you just think what have I done to deserve this but you just take each day as it comes I will never forget him but hope it gets easier with time I just put brave face on for family as don’t want to upset them just hope it gets better my thoughts are with you, Elaine x

Hi Popit.
Sorry for the your loss, I can understand how you feel. It’s an awful time I know, but you will slowly come to terms, just be kind to yourself. We can only carry on with life, as they would want us to.
My wife died over two and half years ago now, of mnd, married 46yrs. She told me before her death, she wanted me to carry on, be happy, buy a new car, find someone new. Two and a half years on, and I still love her, still have the same old car, do not want anybody else, and not really happy. Still cry, when memories arise, as music on radio, things on TV ect.
Life gets acceptable after awhile, but, you never forget… Never, ever, and I wouldn’t want to. Hope you find the strength to carry on, as he would hope you would… John.

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Hello John,
What a great phrase you used, “life gets acceptable”, that’s all we can ask for.I don’t think we can ask for more than that, and yes we will never ever forget,I don’t want to either.Its exactly 41 weeks to the hour since he died , some days it feels like yesterday, some days it seems for ever , but I will never forget

Hello Lancashirelass
My sympathies to you. It’s an awful time we have to suffer. No, we can never forget them. A part of our soul goes with them, and, they leave a part of there’s with us. A constant binding love that can never be extinguished. One day, I believe, the two parts will, be reunited, and all will be as one again. Peace to you… John.

Thank you John for putting into words exactly how it is…that part of our soul went with our loved one only to be replaced by the reciprocal part of theirs. It is as if their very essence is now within us instead of beside us. Time too is now somehow different and I think we go forwards to a different beat…almost in spite of ourselves…so that we are strangely content with our aloneness and what we have become because we once had so much more than we ever knew.
Take care x

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Hiya lancashirelass , does it get any easier at the moment I cant see that, my husband passed in June and still find myself upset every day it is a struggle ,just everyday things upsetting I am trying but it’s so hard Elaine x

Thank you so much, your words are so true, you have expressed better than I can what I feel. Bless you.X

Hello Maria, welcome to this excellent group, where you will receive, compassion and understanding.
It matters not how old your loved one is when they pass away, we still miss them, dreadfully, It is 5 months since I found my beloved husband dead on our bedroom floor, hewas 84 years old but to me he was still that good looking young man who I grew to love so much. I was only 17 when we first started “walking out”, but I knew straight away that I had found the one. Stan said that he knew too, that I was the one. I do feel for you, I cannot say to you that it gets better, I certainly hope so, I don’t believe that anyone can live at this pitch of grief for ever.