Feel so lost without him

I lost my fiancé Paul Wednesday 10th June and we where due to be married on the 22nd :cry::cry::cry:

Oh Claire, I am so very sorry for you, I can’t find words to convey my thoughts and to say I know what you are going through would be insulting because there is no way that I could possibly feel any of your grief. Life will be tough but always remember there is lots of support and kindness on here and in the wider community. If life gets to much think about getting help, grieving is hard and most of us need a little help to get through it. My thoughts are with you, please take care of yourself. Bless you. S


hi Claire
very sorry for the loss of your fiancé,my heart goes out to you.
if you need to say more and express your feelings for Paul.
feel free ,it may help you release a few more emotions.
as one of many on this site whove lost long term partners and finding life a struggle.
I can only imagine the dreams and the future you hoped to reach and share will Paul.
please dont hold in your emotions let them out as and when you need to.
hopefully you have family and friends you can get a little comfort from.
I know lockdown as put many restrictions in your path.but just know you are not alone.
we members on this site are here as and when you need a bit of comfort or an ear to listen to you.please write what ever you feel the need to you will not be judged,we all have an a slight idea of the emotional turmoil you are having to deal with.
I hope and pray you find the strength from within you to find ways to cope.


Oh Claire I’m so sorry. I’m in the same place. But I’m sure Paul knew you loved him. And that’s what counts - whether you had that day or not. I’m sending you support. Take strength from it please.

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Claire I share your pain. I lost my wife suddenly of 22 years nearly 4 weeks ago aged only 53. The pain, loss is tremendous and I have found this site supportive.

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