Feel so lost

I feel so lost without my beloved husband ho passed away 5wks ago at 50 from a heart attack my whole world turned on it’s head life as I new it is gone.
Everything is do different now without him as I walk around in a daze trying to figure out what just happened.
The pain is so much .

Dear @Maxkinahan1,

I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. You must feel so completely lost, 5 weeks everything is so surreal xx
My husband passed in similar circumstances (it will be 7months on the 17th of Jan) and my world still feels like its been as you say turned upside down.
I cant take the pain away, however I can share and understand how you are feeling.
Take each day as it comes and try to be kind to yourself and let others help you.
Sending much love x

Thank you and I’m so sorry for your loss to.xx

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sorry for your loss my wife died in november i am totally lost without her and have no family that cares i was in m and s today and there were selling off all the christmas stock very cheap my wife would have had a field day and all her favourite things were there i have been depressed all day and tearfull life is very hard and i wish i could join her i do not think i can put up with this life nobody to talk too for days nobody to share things with its all so pointless

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Hi a.frazeer,
So sorry for your loss.
It’s early days for you and me and yes I to just want to be with my beloved I know this be wong thing to do as he wouldn’t or your wife wouldn’t want us to do this .
As they would want us to.go on.live our life fully till it’s our time to meet again which I beleive we will their love will be forever with us.
I came across a site called soaring spirits and it’s been a great site for me to go read other people’s stories about their loss think it will help you to .
Come talk here or join everything you can to connect with people that are going through the same pain as your not alone .

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life is so boring without her i was also her carer for years we did EVERYTHING together from getting up to going to bed everything is pointless i never see a soul days are like weeks weeks are like months so boring i will try your site

Can feel.your pain I did all with my husband to please check out site plus their are bereavement councillors that could be in your area some are free .

doing bereavement councilling not making any difference nothing seems to it was such a shock and not fair i am in a corner with a load of horrible neighbours and a thug nexct door all in there 80s which makes it worst

Yes it is a big shock and not fair just take it one day at a time one step at a time and keep posting online .

can never get to sleep been in bed half an hour and back up thinking about her

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I think we are at a similar point. My husband died just over 2 weeks ago aged 53 due to septicaemia. Have you had his funeral as yet. Marks is next Wednesday. I know exactly what you mean about walking round in a daze. I just seem to be in slow motion going from room to room. I know there’s things I need to do ,but find myself just sitting and hours pass. I was Marks fulltime carer for 15 years, and now I just have not a clue. He was my life in just about every way. I wish I could say something to make your pain better, but all I can say is that you are not alone in your grief. I just thinks its normal to have all these feelings. Sometimes I want to cry desperately, and nothing will come out. I went to see him in chapel yesterday, and now I know it wasn’t all a dream. Reality is setting in. I am so sorry for you and your loss. I think it is so much harder too because they were too young to go yet. I feel cheated, I don’t know about you? I think it is all too raw to make sense of. I think we have to just go with the feelings our losses bring up. Take carexx

My husband died suddenly in August my life has been turned upside down when I finally get through the haze it hurts even more. I stay strong for our baby girl MOLLIE who is now 8. I survive for her I get out of bed for her. Find something someone to keep you going.