Feel so lost

lost my dad on Wednesday 1st Feb so only been a couple of days but i am struggling to accept that hes gone .
I have amazing support with my family but its so hard to express how I feel when they are going through their own grief
I want to support my mum with what happens next but where do you start ?
I can be relatively ok 1 minute and then this overwhelming wave of sadness hits
Everyone says that times a great healer and I really hope thats proven to be true


@Kpl - whoo - you have been through a whole bunch of hard times. Firstly, you got through to today. Grief is a huge weight to carry - your friends on here now how much and how hard. So, here’s the deal, we are with you, because we know. Being ok then totally not ok, that’s grief. Being in balance, then crashing, that’s grief. Feeling rubbish and posting on here, that’s wise - because you have friends here who understand 100%. Survey of one (me) a year after my husband’s death and I feel, inch by inch, better able to do this. So, yes, time and healing and all that - but most of all, I know my husband is with me and wants me to be ok. And my Sue Ryder family is with me and we walk together on this long road. We are with you, my friend, and we understand x


Thankyou so much for your lovely words :kissing_heart:

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@Kpl - we are with you, I promise you - it will be ok. Right now, maybe a chocolate bar, or a hot drink, a tv show, or a good book - anything and everything for you, to feel better, even for a moment. That feeling is the foundation of all that follows, the foundation of your future that will be different from what you may have planned ( I so know how that feels x) but a future where you will be ok, more than ok. Hold on, hold tight, we all of us, on here, go again tomorrow. In going together, we are stronger, in going together, you are safe x